Saturday, April 30, 2011


I survived week one of "treatment". (more like torture)
From Tuesday to Friday I have had this feeling in my stomach that made me go around with my brow furrowed. I didn't know whether to feed it or not, its been awful, a constant sickness that had me bed bound for a lot of the week. Its difficult to describe, but its rather like an intense car sickness.
Well this morning I woke up and it's not there! I cried I was so happy! I know its temporary, but I'm so so happy right now! I want to celebrate! So I'm going to strip my sheets and help David gather the garbage and I need to go to the bank this morning, etc. etc. I have a dear friend coming to clean house today and we leave for a pet scan this morning.
I just want to shout to everyone "I FEEL GREAT TODAY! LET'S CELEBRATE!"


MMaxwell said...

I got my party pants on! Go enjoy the feeling good, your family and the day. Putting your head in a good place is the best way to prepare for week two. It is your JOB to celebrate is part of that alternative don't be a slacker!! LOL I gotta go...I got a therapy session to attend myself. Aren't I a sicko??? Ahhh but you gotta love me!

susan* said...

We whooped it up at Luby's! =) It was great!

Delana@dujour said...

Okay honey. I'll celebrate with you. You gotta take it where you can get it, right? So tell me how you would like me to celebrate...and I'm on it! Otherwise, I'll wing it...which I can do as well.

susan* said...

I'm a little giddy about getting to tell you how I want you to celebrate, Delana; I've thought hard and I want you to plant something for me. I want something growing in France with my name on it. =) and of course a glass of vino and a thanks to God =)