Thursday, June 28, 2012

la la

So three people this week have commented on my blog in person. It's weird when people I know and see daily are reading my blog. Mostly it was anonymous readers from France and Ireland and my handful of followers. I didn't think to ask how they even know about it.
I will try not to let it affect the way I write, or my thought process. Although I admit, right around the time I had surgery I told my mother about my blog (I thought it would be a good way for her to know me even better), and I went through and "edited" a few of my posts. So yes, having one's mom read what you write does affect a bit of what or how one says something. Delana from du Jour knows this, give me a sec to find her old post about that...okay, I searched diligently and couldn't find it. BUT I remember reading one of Delana's posts from when she wrote about her mom and her mom was completely upset about it.

It's like when I used to bead. I could bead for hours as long as it was for me. As soon as someone asked me to make something for them I blocked up...I was bead blocked. Being creative for your own sake is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, I have completed a course in transcendental meditation. It has only been a week and it has improved my life. I am rising easier earlier, I am weaning off the pain pills (i've had two halves of a vicodin over the past 5 days), and I feel happy.

Right now my girls are in the other room with their cousin singing on the wii. I love listening to that stuff from the other room. So sweet.


Monday, June 25, 2012

How was your day, God?

I  have a Facebook account. A lot of people say things like "Pray for my Aunt Lucille" or "pray for me" about this or that on their Facebook accounts. It got me to thinking.
I consider God to be my heavenly Father. A lot of people I know feel the same way.
I understand that He wants us to have all good things, just as our earthly parents want the best for us.
But the way I see it, is that He's equipped us with everything we need to succeed. Stop bugging the crap out of Him for every single little thing. I mean if I called my earthly dad 10 times a day asking him for stuff or asking him to intervene for things in my life I can assure you he would become irritated very quickly and quit answering the damn phone at all. Seriously, could you imagine?
So if you are one of those people, think about it...then cut it out.
Have you ever heard the phrase "Use the good sense the Lord gave you"? Thank Him for everything, and if you are gonna call Him up ten times a day, then offer Him something of yourself instead of taking all the time.
I mean does anyone ever ask Him how He's doing?
ungrateful brats.

p.s. if you feel the need to give me a lecture on any bit of what I just said....don't.

Beat the Heat

Several things on my mind tonight.
One is the fabulous lunch I had today.
 Aidan inspired me with all her talk about summer melons. I was in the grocery store and there it was, a big wedge of East Texas watermelon. Wrapped in saran wrap for a buck twenty-six. I had to stand outside to eat it; watermelon juice running down my arms and covering my face.  I felt like this:
The sun was shining down on me....i had to stand in the sun to eat the watermelon...that's a given. It was so super delicious!

the heat has begun, at 6:20pm today it was 102F. But I say if you are already complaining about the heat it's gonna be a LONG summer. So go eat some watermelon and suck it up. You're in Texas, Baby!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music and stuff

I have good taste in music.
It's true.
and I like a wide variety. I think that's important when you listen to music to enjoy variety. I like Dave Matthews, Lyle Lovett, Lily Allen,  Adele, Eminem, Yael Naim, Sting, Lady Gaga, Dwight Yoakum, Mumford & Sons, Counting Crows, OK Go, I could go on and on and on and on.
Often my daughters introduce me to new music. More than a year ago they were listening to this tune and it really caught my ear. Now I'm a fan of She & Him. Although the video is F R E A K Y...which just makes me like them more.

Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward

Weird, right?  But great song and Zooey is Adorable. :)
go enjoy some.



I am hidden away at a secret retreat.
My daughters came by...I fed them strawberry shortcake and sent them on their way, not to be seen for three more days!
My retreat has silence. Blessed silence.
It also has an outdoor old fashioned cast iron bathtub. Like this
 well, sort of like this. only its east Texas, and there's a privacy fence around it. But you get the idea. It's very freeing to take a shower or bath outside. Sitting in the tub, looking up at the sky with the dogwood branches overhead. It is heavenly.

I spent my days watching Don Draper; loving him for being so good and disappointed he could be so bad...ok, I really liked him when he was being bad too. That's the allure of Mad Men.

I don't exactly know what smexy means, but one of my daughters labeled this picture with the term. I don't know how they intended it, but to me it's like sexy and mm mmm at the same time.

I had a great three days. I read, I listened to music, I hung out with Don.

Sometimes the pleasure of life can be multiplied if you can just be alone for a spell.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

from my family archive
Congratulations on Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

We've had this picture in the family photo box for decades. As Prince Charles (with his hand in the water, how cute is that?) was born in 1948, and Princess Anne (in the pram) in 1950, I'm guessing this picture was taken in early 1951. By this time, George VI (in the sexy skirt), was having serious health problems. He had a lung removed in September of '51 due to cancer. Perhaps this picture was taken in May during Festival of Britain. Although that would make Anne only nine months old and she looks a bit older sitting up in the pram.

I really don't know how this picture came to be in our family photo box. As far as I know we are of no relation. Although I can't help but wonder if Princess Margaret is hiding another pram behind her (see the wheel?) and it must be, no doubt, one of my predecessors.

Did you know that Elizabeth I was never expected to be Queen? She was fourth in line to the throne. So she was raised with her sister Margaret (the one hiding my great-someone), her mum, and her dad; and it is said they were a tight knit family. It wasn't until she was about ten years old that her father became King and thus she was next in line to the throne.
I think its interesting the only one smiling is the queen mum. Everyone else looks like they are wondering why on God's green earth are they posing for this picture and who is that person with the camera? 
Perhaps one of my relatives simply asking the Royal Family to say cheese :)

Sister Sister

It's 5am and I haven't slept but a few winks all night long. I've recently come off a sleeping aid, Ambien, and I've had two weeks of sleepless, tortured nights. I thought I was past it, with my three good sleeps in a row, but here I am wide awake. However, that is not the point of my post today, it is merely the reason I am beginning it so early in the day!

I've been lying awake thinking about my daughters. I recently went on holiday with the two eldest, and I can tell you they are really something else. Being in such close proximity with the two of them for five days of hotels, airports, etc., they are really something to behold.
They are 28 months apart. When they were small girls and my mother would come to visit, she would say, "Do they always get along so well?" In fact it was a question I was asked frequently. The answer is yes; its not to say they don't have their disagreements and I know they annoy each other now and then, but the truth is they have a sisterly love that really shines.

They adore each other. When they've been apart, they can't wait to see each other again. They hug hello. When they separate (even if it's just for a few hours) they say "I love you". They make me so proud.  I know the next five years are going to hold challenges for these two. Each of them trying to carve out their own lives while doing their best to hang on to each other. One of them inevitably having a serious relationship whilst the other feels left out. But I am not worried because I have seen their love in action, I have seen their support for one another and it truly amazes me.


We flew to Seattle to visit MY sister. She was turning the big 5 - 0 and wanted us there to celebrate with her. So there we were, sisters and sisters.

We had a brilliant time. We started in Seattle and did all the touristy things we were inclined to do, the flower stalls at Pike Place Market were my favorite thing to see. We drank gallons of coffee, walked for miles, climbed hills meant for mules and steps as tall as the pyramids. And all of that was before we left the city!

After two days of Seattle we drove north toward sister's home. We found raging rivers to picnic near, serious bridges to cross, and a waterfall at the end of a treacherous hike. (Okay, it was only treacherous for me).
deception pass
raging river (and sisterly love)

 I had to make this picture bigger so you could see Maggie standing to the left of the falls; it gives you a better perspective on how big it is. After hiking through the woods for a little over half an hour, it is really a sight to behold. We were all alone, no tourists, no empty coke cans, no signs saying stay off the grass, it was amazing. And to think I almost missed it.

We had a grand time and I am so glad I got to spend time with my sister and my daughters.
Happy  Birthday Sister!