Saturday, September 29, 2012

the grind

I've been cleaning for hours and hours.
The inside of the microwave is now clean, the top of the stove is now clean, the cupboards have been steam cleaned. The kettle has been rubbed down with alcohol and is shiny as new.
But I look around and the house is a wreck.
I wish my house had three less rooms.
It would be easier to keep all clean at once.
I wish I could get rid of everything I wanted, with no one else's input on the matter.
I would get rid of the corner desk, the large dining table, the lazy boy.
Having to discuss your entire life with someone else can be taxing.

I need a road trip. I need to hit the wide open road, drive with the music at full blast, singing out loud, eating twizzlers with the window rolled down. I need a destination that is cool, by the water, somewhere I can think.

I've been too busy to think.

I need to call my mother. I haven't talked to my sister in weeks. Friends have been put on the back burner.

And October doesn't look easier, every weekend is booked. I am putting together a company picnic. What was I thinking? I will be glad when November gets here, maybe I can slow down.

Alright, dinner is almost done now, I have to go.


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