Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dude looks like a lady

Just as I thought I would pass away with boredom, my sister arrived to save the day. I picked her up from the airport on Thursday evening, the weather was a warm and breezy welcome for her, as she came from the chilly northwest. She was just here with me in May whilst I was going through chemo and radiation, and now she is here to get me out and about and comfortable with my appliances in public. I've had one incident, while I was driving, and had to pull over and change an entire appliance. This was good for figuring out exactly what I need to carry in the car with me.

We went to the movies last night and saw Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, it was a good movie and I really like Tyler Perry (as a man, not as Madea). Anyway, I think it's really funny when I use a public restroom. I stand like a man to empty my pouch into the commode. I can't help but wonder what the other ladies think, as they can see my feet. I have to say there are a few silver linings to these ostomies;  I never have to sit on a public toilet again (!) and I can sit through an entire movie without having to leave and go to the restroom. :)

We moved my middlest college student home on Sunday. Her lease was up and she didn't want to renew until she knows what her sister wants to do. So she is going to drive back and forth to school for the next 2 1/2 months. Her brother was in Houston on business so he came by to help load the heavy stuff and we all went to eat at the original Ninfa's in Houston.

Moving Crew
The food was amazing and we were all so hungry after all those trips up and down the stairs, hauling boxes, etc. I went home and slept for 15 hours!

Tonight we are going to Houston to listen to live music. It's supposed to get up to 78 today. It's going to be a beautiful evening.

Peace and Love,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ya Miss Me?

I'm sorry its been so long since my last post. I've been asked to make an appearance; and I've had a few things jumbling around my head, so why not?

First, I am doing rather well. All the docs say I am ahead of the curve :)  Which is a delight because I've always been quite average; a B/C student, quite average looks, etc. So there you go.

So now the dust has settled, I no longer feel like I am in the midst of a battle for my life. The war continues, but there is a sweet calm for now. I am managing these silly looking pouches attached to my lopsided stomach twenty-four hours a day, I take 6-8 pills a day, I stay hydrated, I've started exercising, and now I am quite bored to death. (probably shouldn't put it quite like that).

I have swept the same floors every day, washing the same clothes, the same dishes, the same toilets, I am so over it. I don't know how retired people do it. So this week, to be quite honest, I have had a difficult time getting out of bed. What's the point, really.  And what an awful way to feel when I've been given a second chance at life. I tell myself that it is part of the cycle of my healing. I know it is just a phase and I will soon pass into another one.

I talked to my place of employment yesterday about my return to work. I would like to start part time in March and work my way up to full time by April. They are creating somewhat of a new position for me, actually they suggested exactly what I thought they would; they have many outstanding in-house projects that have not gotten finished due to lack of time. Things like new job descriptions, job evaluations, writing new policies, cost analysis, etc. etc. I am the worst about starting a project and not finishing it. I have one curtain panel over my dining window and have not started the second. I painted 3/4ths of the dining room. I sanded one drawer panel in the kitchen. I started tearing down the wall border in my bathroom. You get the idea. So it looks like I will be growing as a person over the next few years as I learn to start AND finish a project. Maybe it will be easier as I will be getting paid for it?

Peace and Love,