Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Unique Joy

It is a beautiful Saturday here in East Texas. The windows in the house are open to let in a beautiful breeze. It lets in a bit of dust too, but its worth it. My Joy is getting ready for a birthday skate party. "All her friends will be there"; so she is primping in the bathroom, awaiting her ride. She has some very strange ideas of a personal fashion. She blows her hair dry, but "NOT ALL THE WAY" (she is yelling that at her sister right now, her sister is perplexed). She is wearing black framed glasses without the lenses. She has this strange side part that isn't really a part at all. She is unique. I enjoy this age, before they start conforming and trying to blend in with their peers. I know in another two years she will be doing her best to NOT stand out. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she will be the exception. I'll let you know.


Chris said...

So Excellent! Your blog is beautiful!!! Just like you! I hope the skating AND the non-conforming go well. Life is short, I say stand out as much as you meeps!!

susan* said...

Thank you so much and I am completely holding you to the promised massage/reiki session! xxoo