Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The hardest part is putting my feet on the ground. Putting clothes on. Leaving my bedroom.
My bedroom has become a sanctuary. My down comforter giving me warm comfort. My soft pillow, my firm pillow, my microbead pillow, my hug-a-bear pillow for coughing. My glass of water beside my bed. I can open the blinds and let the sunshine in and close them when night falls. I have the t.v. remote close at hand.

I think I let it slide from sanctuary to prison cell sometime in the past week. I noticed it on the 30th, because when it came time for bed, I had already been lying in bed for so long that my body ached. So on the 1st, all determined, I got up early, did my therapy, took a shower, put on real clothes (not p.j.'s) and faced the day head on. Pass! Then on the 2nd, I got up early and had my hubby take me to the wal mart to get fabric for my youngest (she got a sewing machine from Santa!). As soon as I got home I undressed, went to bed and never came out of my room again. Fail. So today I am trying again. I got up early, I had really gross oatmeal from a package that you add 1/2 cup of hot water to, yuck. I have on pj's, but I'm at the computer and I'm typing and I am not in my bedroom. I have two doctor appointments this afternoon and my friend is coming to drive me. I am glad because I think she is just what the doctor ordered.

peace and love,