Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Kindness

My parallel friend.
We live our lives in parallel. It's uncanny. We say to each other "Get your own life" and we laugh.
We think about things the same way, we look at problems from the same angle, we arrive at the same conclusions.
She has had so much on her plate and I want to say to her that I am sorry. But she doesn't want to hear that. She already knows what I'm thinking and she says to me 'My hands are stirring alot of pots but I can stir yours too. My hands are holding alot of hands right now but I can still hold yours'. So in those few words she acknowledges that I am concerned about being another burden to her and assures me that she has broad shoulders. So she touches me and makes me cry with her kindness, handing me what I need without asking. I did not say to her that I am worried about buying gas for the two hour round trips to daily radiation. She gave me money without asking. Once again I am overwhelmed with the thought and kindness and my abundant life.

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