Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog about Blogs

I LOVE reading blogs. I get my cup of coffee together, sit down at my desk and see what is going on around the world with people I have gotten to know through their writings. It has replaced my morning news intake and I am not the worse for wear. I would much rather hear about what is going on in various little corners of the world on a first person basis.

I prefer the blogs that aren't all that polished. I want to know what is going on with the writer personally. I want to know what they are struggling with, what they are succeeding at, how they feel about various topical topics.

Today I am struggling with God's grace and not feeling worthy of it. My beautiful sister reminded me of all the things that have happened to my family and how God's grace was there each time. But it is much easier to accept God's grace for others, now that I am the one in the hot seat it is so much more difficult to know that everything will be alright. So she has given me something to think about and I am feeling much better today. I am going to claim God's grace and know that no one really deserves it, after all that is why it's called grace.

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