Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Daddy

There is an eagle in Decorah, Idaho with no privacy whatsoever. New reality t.v. to the extreme. This eagle is the diligent father of two eaglets and an egg. He sits for hours, doing nothing but staring around and providing warmth. He gets up when the eaglets get restless, picks at the dead rabbit in his nest, feeds them, eats a little for himself and nestles back down on top of everyone to keep them warm. It is an amazingly beautiful thing to see in such a complicated world.

This morning as I was glued to my computer screen, the eaglet-mama made an appearance. I snapped a picture for you.
Is this not majestic? I will try and snap a picture of the eaglets for you too...and as I type this the eaglet is peaking out and I've put another picture below.

If you would like a nice soothing nature noise to your day at the computer, I highly recommend livestreaming this in the background.
And if you are moved enough to help out the group that is trying to save these animals, that is good too.


Delana@dujour said...

Very cool site, Susan. I went and watched the eagle being blown by the spring winds. The funniest thing was the brief advertisement before being allowed to see the next, was in french. I wasn't expecting that!

susan* said...

It is a very soothing background noise to my work, Delana. The third egg has started to hatch and we should have a new eaglet in less than 24 hours! BTW, I am super stoked you are following me. You are like a rock star to me! My SIL said she met you last year and you are just as awesome in person :)