Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My 3 Chicks

All three of my chicks are in the nest this weekend. King D drove to University yesterday to collect Peace, and Love surprised us this afternoon by driving in from school as well. Sisters were all glad to see each other, with hugs and smiles all around. We had a lovely dinner together and the girls helped us to do a few chores around the house.

My favorite part of the weekend happened when Love and I walked into my bedroom and the end of Grease was on my television set. We sat on the bed and started watching it, right after that "The Wedding Date" came on and before I knew it, all three chicks were spread out on my bed with me watching a movie together. It was one of those moments where I just looked at the three of them and I was in complete awe that these three beautiful, funny, smart, caring females all sprang from my loins. {MOM! Gross!}  Haha! It was a beautiful weekend!

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Delana@dujour said...

eeuuuwww! Mothers don't have loins! My offspring are grown up now, but I spent 6 days with them at Christmas at their homes. And that overwhelming feeling of producing a miracle doesn't go away. EVER!