Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do You Know Your Bacon Number?

In the early 90's, Kevin Bacon did an article for some magazine. He made the comment that he's worked with every actor in Hollywood, or someone who's worked with them.
Six Degrees of Bacon was born.

Of course it grew out of an earlier theory put forth by some Hungarian fella named Frigyes. "Would you like some bacon?" "Frig Yes!"
So FrigginYes posited that any two people on the planet could be connected through at most five acquaintances. With today's social networking, it seems like an even more obvious theory.

At first, Mr. Bacon,...mmmm Mister Bacon...doesn't that sound delicious?
So at first Kevin Bacon didn't like this very much and felt he was being made fun of...but once he realized it put him in the spotlight again after so much isolation and nothing much going his way since Footloose...footloose...kick off your sunday shoes.please louise..pull me offa my knees..everybody cut everybody cut...okay, um so he got on board and started milking it.
Remember the Visa Check commercial in the mid 90's? He forgets his ID and the clerk won't take a check so he runs out and comes back with five people. This is my hairdresser, she is cousin to joe the landscaper, who gets his car fixed by Amy, who's married to Jack, who does your nephews taxes....So we're like Brothers! (or something kinda like that)

So mostly this Six Degrees of Bacon is a party game. It's mostly about connecting two famous this.
Rock Hudson.
Rock Hudson was in the movie Beneath the 12 Mile Reef in 1953 with Robert Wagner.
Robert Wagner was in the movie Wild Things in 1998 with Kevin Bacon.
If Kevin is Bacon 0, that makes Robert Wagner Bacon 1 and Rock Hudson is Bacon 2.

Zac Efron.
Zac Efron was in a movie Hairspray in 2007 with Queen Latifah.
Queen Latifah was in Beauty Shop in 2005 with Kevin Bacon.
Hence, Zac Efron has a Bacon number of 2.

Seriously, name anyone...they are within six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. In fact, I couldn't find anyone higher than Bacon 3 to use as an example!

Here is another example.

You are reading my blog right now.
I was in the movie Tin Cup with Kevin Costner in 1996.
Kevin Costner was in JFK with Kevin Bacon in 1991.
Hence, I have a Bacon number of 2 and
You have a Bacon number of 3.

Just think, when you started this post you didn't know how to answer the question, Do you Know Your Bacon Number?

In the words of my eldest,
Have a Good Bacon Day!

Peace & Bacon,