Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unconditional Love

One of our stops while we were in Dallas was my husband's sister's home. Due to various awkward social situations , my husband ended up at his sister's house with no way back to the races. As we are talking it out on the drive to his sister's, he says "Well, I'll just take M's truck". And he says this with the utmost confidence; never doubting that she will willingly lend her truck for his overnight trip back to Ft.Worth.

I began to think about this confidence with his sister and how it has always been so. It isn't an arrogant confidence, but a solid, based on trust and an absolute certain knowledge that she will be there for him always, no matter what, to the end, amen, kind of trust. It has been this way since I've known him and I can tell it went on a lifetime before I met him.

I am so very thankful to her for this. She is the reason that he can love me the way he does. When they lost their mother at such a young age, she is the one he counted on. I know his other brothers and sisters took care of him in their own ways. But it was and is her unconditional love for him that makes him able to trust and love me.

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