Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small delights

I went for a second opinion yesterday. I drove to Houston with hubby in tow, had a bag full of snacks and electronics to keep us busy. We used valet parking, as its free the first time, and felt like we were walking in to a five star hotel (except for the gloved strangers touching all your private parts).

We waited for about four hours to actually see a doctor, but we didn't mind too much. Everyone is there for a reason, everyone has their own story.

This doctor completely agrees with my current doctor.

I will be getting a third opinion on Monday. I'm nothing if not an eternal optimist.

So here are some small things that have delighted me recently:
  • My Aunt, who lives in ARKANSAS, offered to drive me to MD Anderson yesterday. How generous is that? VERY. I declined, but was amazed at her generosity.
  • My mom called me last night, just after I turned off the light for sleep, and said she would be coming for the surgery. I didn't even know I wanted her here until she said she would be here; moms are good for knowing things about you that you don't even know yourself :)
  • My husband made me laugh several times yesterday. Thank you God for our ability to still laugh and feel joy.
  • My nephew bought me some super duper soft leopard pj's. Button down top and drawstring pants. They fit purrrfectly.

I have a very busy two weeks ahead of me. I am looking forward to a stellar weekend. I will be enjoying my family, enjoying a trek to H town, and appreciating what I have.


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