Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peace in the City

Well after my eventful week, I longed for the peacefulness of the city. (kinda tongue in cheek)
My local soul sister and I had made plans for a breakfast in the Heights at our favorite grits place before my news blew me away last week; we decided to stick to our plans. Okay, I don't like grits, but her and my dad agree they have the best grits in H town.
Waffle, Eggs, Bacon, Latte...yummy.
I love Houston and I love finding new places to eat. I think this one was found while searching for the Onion Creek Bar & Coffeehouse....can't remember exactly, but it was a perfect find.

We then drove over to the park....the park I wanted was blocked off due to some parade about to begin, so we headed to Discovery Green. We staked out a grassy area, right near the water. It was beautiful, partly cloudy, and we listened to music, talked, read magazines, people watched, etc.
Saturday Morning Yoga in the Park
Then I texted my daughter, who lives nearby, to come join us because the day was so beautiful. She brought a sack lunch and we ate and talked.
Isn't she Beautiful?
It was a beautiful day in the park. Would've been more beautiful if the parking cop were following our New Life Rules. But alas, he was not even aware of the changes and gave me a parking ticket anyway. So instead of costing 50 cents an hour, it cost me $75 an hour for parking in a commercial zone. What can I say? All those signs were confusing. I got my receipt, put it on my dash and thought that was all I had to do.

We decided we liked this building best because it reflected the sky and clouds...kind of merging with the scenery.
beautiful bldg
That was my day. I hope your Saturday was good too.


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