Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say the thing...continued...

I just read a lovely post from Ms. Kindersleyclick here to read and it reminded me of some things:

When I told my friend, D, about leaving he says to me, "you know the thing I hate about your leaving?" I say, "what's the thing?", He says "I've always anticipated getting to know you better. Now I know I've wasted all this time." It was such a lovely thing to say.

My friend, K, she now hugs me every day at work. It's like she is saying the same thing, but with hugs instead of words.

My friend, Mona, came by today to schedule a Houston morning getaway, to include one of my most favorite spots: Java Java. Which is funny because I just wrote a post yesterday (yet to publish) about Java Java being one of the places I am going to miss. And what is better than having breakfast there next Saturday with one of the people I am going to miss most? I can't think of a thing.

six weeks and four days left

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MMaxwell said...

Months ago I posted on my own blog this quote under things to think about "Distance does not mar close friendships.. neither does time. Dial the number, say a hi and pick where you left off.. every time". I have moved long distances in my life and never looked back. Those friends that are true will stand the test of time and distance. As my norm with you, this was just another time I knew what was needed between us with out being asked. It's my super power LOL.

Mona : )