Friday, November 11, 2011

New Life Rules

Did you know that having one tragedy in your life does not prevent other bad things from happening to you? It's true. It's totally bogus. I think it should work like this: If you have cancer, you are automatically exempt from car wrecks, gunshot wounds, stubbing your toe, or having anything bad happen to you or any other member of your family. Who's with me on this?

My gyn oncologist called me this morning to say the latest she can do the surgery is Dec.1st. This is because she will be on holiday the last two weeks of the month and she does not want me to be in the hospital while she is not in town. My second opinion is scheduled for Dec.12th with MD Anderson.

I started calling everyone I know and several I do not know. I left a message for the doctor at MDA I have the appointment with and asked her to call me back. I called my sister in law, who used to work in the medical center environment, and then I remembered that her son is actually a lawyer who specializes in health law. Bingo. I am currently awaiting a phone call from the chief of gyn oncology of the methodist hospital in Houston. Also, a woman from MDA returned my call for Dr. Nick and she said there is an opening on Wednesday, she would check with scheduling and call me back.

So now I am sitting here, waiting for that phone call that is going to get me some quicker answers.

Of course all these details and phone calls and coordinating information with different people isn't making me better and it isn't making me worse. But it does feel like I am doing something instead of sitting helpless.

I had a talk with God this afternoon (fyi he doesn't mind if you're on the pot or not), and asked him to make sure all this coordination comes together for the benefit of my health. I asked him to let me finish raising my youngest. He reminded me that he has already made all the promises he is going to make and they do not include getting to see your children grow up. and IF I do not get to finish raising my youngest, He will take care of her.

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