Thursday, June 28, 2012

la la

So three people this week have commented on my blog in person. It's weird when people I know and see daily are reading my blog. Mostly it was anonymous readers from France and Ireland and my handful of followers. I didn't think to ask how they even know about it.
I will try not to let it affect the way I write, or my thought process. Although I admit, right around the time I had surgery I told my mother about my blog (I thought it would be a good way for her to know me even better), and I went through and "edited" a few of my posts. So yes, having one's mom read what you write does affect a bit of what or how one says something. Delana from du Jour knows this, give me a sec to find her old post about that...okay, I searched diligently and couldn't find it. BUT I remember reading one of Delana's posts from when she wrote about her mom and her mom was completely upset about it.

It's like when I used to bead. I could bead for hours as long as it was for me. As soon as someone asked me to make something for them I blocked up...I was bead blocked. Being creative for your own sake is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, I have completed a course in transcendental meditation. It has only been a week and it has improved my life. I am rising easier earlier, I am weaning off the pain pills (i've had two halves of a vicodin over the past 5 days), and I feel happy.

Right now my girls are in the other room with their cousin singing on the wii. I love listening to that stuff from the other room. So sweet.


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Aidan said...

tell me more about the meditation offline.
still reading from france...
a xo