Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sister Sister

It's 5am and I haven't slept but a few winks all night long. I've recently come off a sleeping aid, Ambien, and I've had two weeks of sleepless, tortured nights. I thought I was past it, with my three good sleeps in a row, but here I am wide awake. However, that is not the point of my post today, it is merely the reason I am beginning it so early in the day!

I've been lying awake thinking about my daughters. I recently went on holiday with the two eldest, and I can tell you they are really something else. Being in such close proximity with the two of them for five days of hotels, airports, etc., they are really something to behold.
They are 28 months apart. When they were small girls and my mother would come to visit, she would say, "Do they always get along so well?" In fact it was a question I was asked frequently. The answer is yes; its not to say they don't have their disagreements and I know they annoy each other now and then, but the truth is they have a sisterly love that really shines.

They adore each other. When they've been apart, they can't wait to see each other again. They hug hello. When they separate (even if it's just for a few hours) they say "I love you". They make me so proud.  I know the next five years are going to hold challenges for these two. Each of them trying to carve out their own lives while doing their best to hang on to each other. One of them inevitably having a serious relationship whilst the other feels left out. But I am not worried because I have seen their love in action, I have seen their support for one another and it truly amazes me.


We flew to Seattle to visit MY sister. She was turning the big 5 - 0 and wanted us there to celebrate with her. So there we were, sisters and sisters.

We had a brilliant time. We started in Seattle and did all the touristy things we were inclined to do, the flower stalls at Pike Place Market were my favorite thing to see. We drank gallons of coffee, walked for miles, climbed hills meant for mules and steps as tall as the pyramids. And all of that was before we left the city!

After two days of Seattle we drove north toward sister's home. We found raging rivers to picnic near, serious bridges to cross, and a waterfall at the end of a treacherous hike. (Okay, it was only treacherous for me).
deception pass
raging river (and sisterly love)

 I had to make this picture bigger so you could see Maggie standing to the left of the falls; it gives you a better perspective on how big it is. After hiking through the woods for a little over half an hour, it is really a sight to behold. We were all alone, no tourists, no empty coke cans, no signs saying stay off the grass, it was amazing. And to think I almost missed it.

We had a grand time and I am so glad I got to spend time with my sister and my daughters.
Happy  Birthday Sister!

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Michelle said...

Ahhh... this is wonderful! I love our "sistership" and our friendship. I love my nieces and their love for one another. It was a wonderful birthday time. Thanks for sharing with me.

This is a BEAUTIFUL place to live!

I do think you could have found a better "birthday" picture! This ones dorky looking.