Sunday, July 8, 2012

2 Y's U R 2 Y's U B

I am at the retreat right now.
I came over here this morning to make sure it rained here and to meet with my brother in law to give him the nieces.
We had a grand time last night. We wii'd with the Just Dance 2. The littlest niece beat me everytime. I'm very bad at Just Dance, but that's not really the point now is it.
So I'm at the retreat with just my eleven year old.
I have run her a bath outside and she is out there right now while I am in here listening to Don McLean sing about Dylan replacing Elvis as the king.
I had to talk her into it....she doesn't see what is so special about taking a bath outside.
But I'm wiser than she...I know she will look back and know what a treat it was when her mom made her take a bath outside.
she let me snap a pic!

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