Sunday, June 24, 2012


I am hidden away at a secret retreat.
My daughters came by...I fed them strawberry shortcake and sent them on their way, not to be seen for three more days!
My retreat has silence. Blessed silence.
It also has an outdoor old fashioned cast iron bathtub. Like this
 well, sort of like this. only its east Texas, and there's a privacy fence around it. But you get the idea. It's very freeing to take a shower or bath outside. Sitting in the tub, looking up at the sky with the dogwood branches overhead. It is heavenly.

I spent my days watching Don Draper; loving him for being so good and disappointed he could be so bad...ok, I really liked him when he was being bad too. That's the allure of Mad Men.

I don't exactly know what smexy means, but one of my daughters labeled this picture with the term. I don't know how they intended it, but to me it's like sexy and mm mmm at the same time.

I had a great three days. I read, I listened to music, I hung out with Don.

Sometimes the pleasure of life can be multiplied if you can just be alone for a spell.

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Mona Maxwell said...

I am glad you find peace here. It has provided me the same.