Monday, June 25, 2012

Beat the Heat

Several things on my mind tonight.
One is the fabulous lunch I had today.
 Aidan inspired me with all her talk about summer melons. I was in the grocery store and there it was, a big wedge of East Texas watermelon. Wrapped in saran wrap for a buck twenty-six. I had to stand outside to eat it; watermelon juice running down my arms and covering my face.  I felt like this:
The sun was shining down on me....i had to stand in the sun to eat the watermelon...that's a given. It was so super delicious!

the heat has begun, at 6:20pm today it was 102F. But I say if you are already complaining about the heat it's gonna be a LONG summer. So go eat some watermelon and suck it up. You're in Texas, Baby!

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