Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

from my family archive
Congratulations on Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

We've had this picture in the family photo box for decades. As Prince Charles (with his hand in the water, how cute is that?) was born in 1948, and Princess Anne (in the pram) in 1950, I'm guessing this picture was taken in early 1951. By this time, George VI (in the sexy skirt), was having serious health problems. He had a lung removed in September of '51 due to cancer. Perhaps this picture was taken in May during Festival of Britain. Although that would make Anne only nine months old and she looks a bit older sitting up in the pram.

I really don't know how this picture came to be in our family photo box. As far as I know we are of no relation. Although I can't help but wonder if Princess Margaret is hiding another pram behind her (see the wheel?) and it must be, no doubt, one of my predecessors.

Did you know that Elizabeth I was never expected to be Queen? She was fourth in line to the throne. So she was raised with her sister Margaret (the one hiding my great-someone), her mum, and her dad; and it is said they were a tight knit family. It wasn't until she was about ten years old that her father became King and thus she was next in line to the throne.
I think its interesting the only one smiling is the queen mum. Everyone else looks like they are wondering why on God's green earth are they posing for this picture and who is that person with the camera? 
Perhaps one of my relatives simply asking the Royal Family to say cheese :)

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