Friday, September 30, 2011

Bunny Ears

I am typing this using the new blogger settings. It's a little strange, like being in a large white room where the floor and the wall are indiscernible from each other. Sometimes, while I am typing, I wonder if I should be more careful with my grammar and spelling. I am usually writing these while at work. I think of something and type it up in between answering telephone calls and depositing thousands of dollars into their bank accounts. I simply don't have the time to edit myself.

Today is a beautiful day here in Texas. It is a beautiful 88 degrees, my office window is open, the front patio at work is covered in caterpillars. Thousands of caterpillars are venturing onto the concrete wall, the concrete slab, making their way to God knows where. Does this mean we will have thousands of butterflies before winter? Hmm, I wonder.

Okay, I went searching my computer to find a picture of a flower that grows outside my office and instead I found THIS AWESOME PICTURE of my littlest tying her shoes for the first time. How cool is that? What a Cutie Pie!

I have nothing planned this weekend, it is a welcomed break. My every weekend in October is completely booked. Wherever you are, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. :) :) :)


Sara Louise said...

That's a pretty cute photo :-)
And I love the thought of hundreds of butterflies flying around in in the winter sun!

susan* said...

Me too, Sara! I wonder if drought conditions are good for caterpillars? I've never seen so many in one place.