Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fires & Floods

My life has slowed to a snail's pace lately. Everything is rocking and rolling along. The heat here in Texas has reached record proportions, which I don't mind, but the drought is no bueno for anyone. The state is on fire and the skies are filled with smoke. I drove to the doctor Friday and the smoke was so thick it blocked out the sun. The firefighters are tired and over 1400 homes were lost just west of Austin. It's all very sad.

I watched a snippet from the news and a woman had come back to her home after fleeing from the fire. The only thing left was a four foot tall brick wall that had the numbers of her house still attached. The pictures were worse even than the pics of Joplin, MS after the tornadoes. Total devastation.

And I hear the yanks up north are submerged in the water we need here so desperately.

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