Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing Much

It's funny, I can go all evening long just ranting and raving an entire blog in my head. Yet I sit at the computer and I have forgotten all of it. That seems to happen to me quite a bit. I will have to start jotting down my ideas so I can write about them later.

I've been doing lots more. The whole think less do more is working brilliantly. Only it turns out I can think bunches while I'm actually doing. So I probably need to tweak my new motto a bit. Any suggestions?

I also need a new nickname for my hubby. His Invasion of the Body Snatchers moniker isn't holding true anymore. He is somewhat himself, but not really. He is really quite sweet, he is doing chores about the house on a daily basis, and he smiles like a child. Spontaneously and genuinely.  Any suggestions?

It has been really cold here today. It snowed this morning. Not what my brother would call snow, but he lives in Minnesota. Here in Texas we call it snow even when it melts before it hits the ground. This morning it actually accumulated on the picnic table. We could have made a three inch high snowman; but honestly, it was too cold to go outside. I've lived in East Texas for almost thirty years now and if we saw several inches of snow once every decade, we were delightfully surprised. Now we are seeing it every year and I have to tell you, I'm not very delighted. Not delighted at all.

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