Friday, February 11, 2011

Music is Great Medicine

My nine year old diva and I were in the car, driving to where I cannot recall. Yes, it was only 2-3 days ago, but really...I can't remember where we were going. She put the music CD her sister made for her when she left for college. She starts singing along and I have to tell you, I was impressed. She knew every word, every "yea" and "huh" in the entire song. I don't know many nine year many know Soul Man by Sam & Dave? I smiled the entire trip. Listen to Sam & Dave's "Soul Man"

We have the CD loaded on our computer at home. That evening, we were counting girl scout cookies and had the music going loud. We look over in the kitchen and King D (aka hubby, aka uncle ira, aka diva's dad) has the oven door open, because it is C O L D, and he is shaking his booty and dancing with the heat coming out of the oven! That CD my senator made is like a magic balm. My diva said "Seeing you dance is how I know I have my old daddy back".

So today I took King D to a doctors appointment. It's a sixty mile trek, but fifty of that is through some beautiful countryside. The sun was shining and the sky was the color of his eyes. On the way back we were at a red light when All These Things that I've Done by The Killers came on (same CD) and we rolled down the windows, cranked up the music and sang really loud!

Moments like these are healing. The music is a catalyst. It lifts our spirits and connects us to one another.

Oh, and by the way, when I Believe in Miracles by The Ramones came on, King D says, "That's one of my favorite songs". I said, "why?" and he said "Because I think of you every time I hear it".  aw shucks.

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