Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Music & Memories

I'm listening to a playlist I created in 2007. Isn't it fantastic the way music can carry you back to a specific time in your life and revive memories in such a vivid way? What's funny about this playlist is it doesn't exactly revive memories so much as it revives feelings, wants, dare I say desires.

I created this playlist while I was playing with fire. I wanted a little sugar in my bowl...I wanted a little steam on my Nina Simone croons on my playlist. It was the summer of my discontent. I never did cross the line to the dark side, but I was tempting the gods with my toe on the line saying 'nananana'. I think I might've even jumped up and down on the line, waiting for a double dog dare from the universe. It never came.

So every now and then, I put this playlist on, after all it has everyone from Bob Dylan to Michael Buble to Billie Holiday, it is an amazing compilation of raw and sexy music. And when I listen it rather stirs up those feelings of wanting to ditch my responsibilities, the memories of wanting to leap across the line. It makes me yearn for that summer when everything was abyfresh and exciting.

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