Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a very good height indeed

I previously rambled about our caterpillar invasion and my hopes of seeing butterflies in winter...well it isn't exactly winter, well alright it isn't winter at all, but we have been rewarded with a(n) (significantly smaller) invasion of butterflies!

I knew her when...
These little beauties are all over the field outside my office. I wish I could take a picture ala national geographic so you could see what I see, but alas I cannot.
Finding Waldo
See what I mean? This field of wild onion flowers has dozens of butterflies who are all wearing their invisibility cloaks. Tricky buggers.
If I was real slow and careful, I could sneak up on them and get a close up. It was really comical how they would alight on the top of the flower and then hang on for dear life as the flower bent to the ground under the heavy butterfly weight.
notice the parched earth

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Sara Louise said...

I miss those butterflies!