Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking Charge of My Life

I could not sit quietly by and wait for my Doctor's appointment in November to find out if the cancer had made a comeback. So I drove an hour to the imaging center, got my report, drove to the Doctor's office and sat until she would tell me what the report meant. Then I drove an hour back to work and popped the cork off a bottle of champagne (my girlfriends at work were prepared!) to celebrate being Cancer Free!


Cristina said...


Congratulations, Susan, I am really delighted for you, your husband and your three lovely girls, and moved by reading your post today.

You must walking on air right now.

I too will raise a glass to you tonight. As I told you: you have the best blog name out there!

Cristina x :)

susan* said...

Thank you Cristina! Everything looks brighter and I can breathe :)

Mona Maxwell said...

Okay, I know not the point of this post, but DAMN if DMB doesn't put the country boy to shame. : )

Delana said...

Susan, I'm catching up after weeks of not reading blogs. This is such fabulous news I can hardly stand it. I'm going to make your banana pudding this weekend to celebrate your new life.

susan* said...

Thank you Delana, I hope its the best banana pudding EVER.

Yes, Mona, Dave is awesome!