Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Swinging Cousins
My 21st Daniels' Family Reunion was this past weekend. Held in the Deep East Texas Pineywoods with Lake Ivanhoe as the beautiful backdrop. It was a Gorgeous day; like only October in Texas can produce. These little girls are second cousins, I think. The one in the swing is my youngest. She is first cousins with the other two's daddy's.--i'm sure that is grammatically incorrect..that makes them second cousins, no?

Every year, for as long as I can remember, this sprite gentleman has been videoing the entire reunion. I have no doubt there is enough to convict myself, and most everyone else, of something on those darn tapes. I hope my sister-in-law remains friendly with him or we are all in trouble.

Mac Cam
The best part of the reunion is always the kids. They have such a great time running, jumping, playing, sticking their fingers in the desserts.

The little one here on the left is a cutie, but don't let her fool you, she is a real hoot. Someone asked her what grade she was in and she says "3rd" and never cracked a smile. They walked away and she says, deadpan, "I'm really in preschool". Cracked me up.

My husband had a brain surgery only nine days before this hour long trip into the Big Thicket. He has the most awesomely wicked stitches on the side of his head in the shape of a C. (He is totally ready for Halloween; different blog post). He played dominoes, ate like a horse, and was completely worn out by the time we left. 

My favorite part? Sitting on that green grass, looking out over that gorgeous lake, with Dave Matthews on the ipod singing about being alive and well.  :)

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