Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love, Peace and Joy

I am visiting mom and dad in sunny Florida this week. I feel ashamed that I haven't been here in 7, almost 8 years. It feels so good to be here. I forget how much I love Florida until I come back. I lived here from the ages of 14-19. I couldn't wait to move back to Texas. When my girls were little, I used to visit Florida every year, sometimes even twice a year. Their hair would get so golden and their skin so tan.

Anyway, that's why I came in here to write something. My aunt lives across the street and she gave The Diva a gift, or I should say a regift of three ornaments I gave to her about 9 years ago. I didn't even recognize them, but knew I had given them to her due to the pictures of my three girls in the silver ornaments. Under their beautiful little faces, they each had a word, and when I saw them I was immediately struck by how well the daughter went with the word. I'm sure I knew that when I put the pictures in the ornaments, but even now, a decade later, they still match the ornament I put them in.

I knew right away that I had to change their nicknames for the blog. My oldest daughter is now Love. She is a walking, talking example of the word. Her picture is in the dictionary under the word love. My second daughter is now Peace. And although I always wish for her to have peace of mind and peace of heart, right now this more defines her liberal spirit than her sense of being. My youngest is Joy. She lights up a room and spreads joy wherever she is.

Yay! I love seeing those old pictures and being surprised. I can't wait to see what other surprises I have while I am here.

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