Friday, March 11, 2011


I"m shedding tears for Japan this morning. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is bad enough, but the tsunami waves after is more than salt in the wound. The pictures of houses being swept into the ocean, I want to pretend all those houses are empty. I'm watching CNN Japan and I can't stop. Thousands of people waiting for public transportation to get to their families and the trains aren't coming.

I know when tragedies like this happen thousands of miles away to people we don't know, it's easy to tsk and say "what a shame", and "how awful". But I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that you are doing whatever it is that you do every day when out of nowhere the earth moves beneath you and the building you are in begins to crumble. You survive that and thank your lucky stars when the waters come and your entire neighborhood is swept away. You can't do it, can you? It is so unbelievably difficult to imagine.

The people whose homes are now gone in Japan couldn't imagine it before either. They had no idea their lives were about to get, well, seriously complicated at best and over at worst.

Be thankful for right now and pray for Japan.


MMaxwell said...

Well since I don't have TV, I got to this story on Japan a little late. So after reading your post and having caught up on the situation, I have the following response.
I read your article and I still was thinking, I am sorry this has happened, then I moved on to my email. I had an email saying my nephew, my sister's oldest son, had made it through the interview process for a job he is seeking ... IN JAPAN. He has already spent a sememester of school there last spring. Now he is applying to return there via a job. WOW how I had to rethink what you had said. I realized this whole thing would be different if he was already there. I would be glued to someones TV so I could get the details. I would be consulting my globe to see how far he is from the heavily hit areas. I would be reading about nuclear reactors.
SHAME on me for not really caring unless it is one of my own. I would no longer wish for world peace, I would wish for each of us to care about those not our own, as if they are our own. World peace would grow in that garden, as would environmental issues, and educational issues...women's issues, children....
I must remember to be the change I seek in the world. Thank you taking us to task!

susan* said...

Mona - very well about those not our own, as if they are our own.