Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have several thoughts rolling around my head right now and i just need to purge.

I have always adored Steven Tyler, but I have a full blown crush on the man right now. I am so enjoying him on American Idol. I don't even miss Simon What's His Name. Steven is so engaging and sexy. mm mmm.

I am a new follower to the blog Backwards in High Heels and I love love love ms. Kindersley's postings and pictures. She is such a joy to read and her pictures are so calming and stressfree.

I read an article about vegans the other day and I cannot stop thinking about the insects used for Red Dye in foods. So I had to investigate further. Turns out these insects have been used for red dye since the Aztecs and Mayan cultures. The red dye is used to color cloth and used in food coloring. It lost popularity when chemicals became easier to use, but the carcinogens produced with the manmade food coloring had them turning back to the insects. I don't mind doing things naturally. I know where my chicken comes from; I understand it had a face once and I understand the slaughter process. I accept this knowledge everytime I choose to eat a chicken quesadilla. I don't think I'm comfortable with the insect dye when its only purpose is to make it (whatever it is) aesthetically pleasing. So my investigation has only made me ponder more, instead of less.

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