Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Insight into my Psyche. At your own risk.

I love dreams.
It is very normal for me to remember 2-4 dreams upon waking each morning.
Many times when I lie down to go to sleep, the people and events from my dreams the night before will come to mind as if I had just come awake from the dream only minutes and not hours before.
Sometimes I fancy that my dream world is just another reality that I get to visit while I sleep. Sometimes in my dreams, I am looking at a realistic situation through someone else's eyes and I can't help but wonder if it is more than just a dream. In these situations, I've seen through the eyes of a male cop, a teen convenient store worker, a street person, and several more. It's always very realistic, not weird dream-like instances, and it's only for a few minutes at a time. So you can see why it feels so real.  I am not saying it is real, I'm saying it feels real. So don't send the men in white coats. Yet.

I was cleaning out some computer files and I came across a word doc. where I had written a dream from 2005. I'm just going to copy it here and share it with you exactly as I had written it for myself so many years ago.

I went into a room where I felt I was not supposed to be. There was a bed and I was expected to bathe a naked man lying on the bed. There was water flowing over the man and the bed. I tried to hide the fact that I didn’t belong and began to direct the flow of water over his body. I was myself at the same time I was him.
Then from the side of the bed, Jesus appeared and began sliding down into the water. I told the man on the bed that He was drowning, but it was too late. His face submerged into the water and His soul, like a breath, entered my body on the opposite side of the bed.
I was confused for a moment and when I opened my eyes, I realized I was in the future. The colors of my surroundings were brighter and clearer in color. I realized I was Jesus. I was Jesus in the body of an awkward looking teenage boy. I was scrawny, black-haired, with acne. I was working behind the counter at a five and dime type store. I was at the same time this boy and a customer observing myself.
The boy behind the counter had to leave the register and step outside…when he left the other patrons tried to steal what was on the counter. I stepped in to stop them from taking anything.
When I stirred between that dream and being awake, it occurred to me that Christ is within us all and we should remember that he is in others around us and treat them accordingly.

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