Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching up on Current Events and such

I have lots rolling around in my head today. I am distraught about the teachers getting a paycut and can't understand why the GOP is hell bent on dummying up our nation. They are making sure the poor and the minorities have less access to birth control; which of course, means more children we aren't going to give healthcare to and will not educate properly. Doesn't make sense to me.

I'm also reflecting on the roller coaster I've been on lately. I've learned a little bit about myself. I don't like being poor. I don't like being the breadwinner. I don't like the musical band Spoon. I know not to ask someone if I can help, to just DO IT.

Luckily we have money rolling in again and I'm NOT the sole breadwinner anymore :) oh, and I've deleted Spoon from my ITunes.

There's a certain reaction one gets from the general public when revealing one has cancer. But apparently if you aren't on a platinum chemo that causes you to lose your hair, then the cancer you are suffering from "isn't that bad".  That just ranks up there with the idiocy detailed in my first paragraph.

OH, and another thing I have been wanting to spew about. A very solid part of the "american dream" has always been to own your own home. While most of America is still out there trying for this very special piece of the american dream, it turns out the banks are more interested in using your house as a commodity they can sell, and sell again. They are not interested in you keeping your house. They would prefer you not be able to afford it so they can sell it to someone else. They are not buying in to your dream. So stop getting more house than you can afford and guard your dream.

Regarding the Casey Anthony trial. A Liar does not a Murderer make. They do not have the solid evidence needed to convict of first degree murder.

Shame on you, Anthony Weiner, you were a great Democrat and you let stupid personal jollies get in the way of being a statesman...we cannot afford to lose good democrats.

I watched the movie Babies last night and it was delightful and heartbreaking at the same time. I recommend it.

Alright, that's all for now.

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Michelle said...

Right on! And... we liked the movie a lot too!
I love you. Keep writing.