Saturday, June 25, 2011


My girls are on vacation...together...without me...or their dad. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? They packed up in the eldest's bright red Nissan Versa and drove East to the land of retirees, palm trees, and Mickey Mouse. They took enough to survive for five weeks and should be home tomorrow, after only 7 days. They are rookies at the packing for vacation thing, they will get better with each trip.

I wanted to text them about every 15 minutes. If I had, I would've wrote things like "Don't forget to say please and thank you" (they stayed with my folks), and "pick your wet towels up off the bathroom floor" and "get out of bed before noon every day", etc. etc. It was an endless tickertape in my head.

My oldest texted me one evening and said she heard my mother talking on the phone with someone and told them that "[my] girls were very independent, but of course Susan is their mother". She said it made her feel proud. I am proud too. I am also glad I didn't textstalk them all week :)  It would've totally blown the independent cover. :) 

I just want to say thanks to you all for your good wishes and prayers and kindness. I have been declared "cancer free" and I am steadily beginning to feel better and have even been able to put a few thoughts together to write a tad bit. Thanks again. :)


Michelle said...

I love you so much!!! You know how proud I am of you and for you. So very thankful that God has given you as my sister and your wonderful girls as my nieces. More than thankful for the cancer free gift from God. I'm glad you are feeling well enough today to blog a bit! I'll keep the prayers going for continued improvement of you body.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

Smiling while reading your good news about the all clear. :))

I am delighted: that is the very best gift!!!

Keep doing well and keep sharing your thoughts with us.

Ever since reading your great post about thinking less and doing more (your words were just spot-on, and it worked!) and a previous one about a mother at times overbearing and her inpact she was having on you, I felt touched and reached in a truthful and meaningful way.
What more can you ask from words?

So glad your two indipendent daughters did you proud!

Rest and look after yourself. :)


susan* said...

Michelle - I love you back and I'm lucky to have you :)

Cristina - thank you and I really like the specific feedback : )