Friday, June 24, 2011

peachy keen

I am sitting here in an almost drunkenlike amazement at how God created this fantastic peach I am eating. Alright, truth is I'm finished with it, otherwise my keyboard would be covered in sticky peach juice. It was running down my chin and I was slurping and it was really quite obnoxious I'm sure, but it was pure heaven to me. Good Job, God!


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

I am so glad you have returned!
I have been keeping a close eye and thinking of you.
Thank you for sharing your 'peach' moment with us. I love them too, with the all that sticky, wet, naughty, childish fun that comes with eating them. Especially as I am half way into my fifties!

Warm and lovely wishes to you, all the way from England.


susan* said...

How lovely! thank you Cristina :) And here I thought only my sister wanted me blogging again! Thanks again :)