Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet Nothings

I have an eleven mile, beautiful drive to work through the countryside. A field of cows, a field of sheep with a lone donkey, some mornings I can drive eight of those miles without seeing another car.

Last week they were working on the road. About half way to work, I had to stop with three cars and wait for the crew to let us pass. As I was sitting and waiting, my attention was drawn to the car in front of me. It was an old blue cadillac, big as a boat. The driver was an older man, wearing a cowboy hat, Junior Brown style.

distinct style
When the car came to a stop, I got a glimpse of a Walker hound when she sat up for a few seconds in the front seat. As we continued our drive in to town, the hound laid down and the man would turn his head toward her on the front seat and would speak to her and he was even singing to her at one point. It was very endearing and I couldn't stop smiling. When we got to the stop sign at the other end of my usual morning commute, and I saw him leaned over sweet talking his companion, it dawned on me that something may be wrong. I then had thoughts that he was talking her into holding on, that she was surely sick and he was taking her to the vet on the other side of town. So as he drove past the street that I work on, I continued to follow him, I had to know if he was stopping at the veterinarians office. And sure enough he does! I pull into the Shell station and I park so I can see through the bushes. I think to myself if he carries her into the office in his arms then it's bad, it's real bad. But maybe he's just coming for a shot, or some flea medicine, or...or....   Then he get's out of his car, he's wearing starched jeans and tucked in shirt with a belt and boots. He walks around the car and there is another car blocking my view, so I wait with bated breath for about twenty seconds. Then I see he has her on a leash and he leads her to a little patch of grass so she can tinkle. She is tail wagging happy. And why wouldn't she be when she has a handsome fella to sing to her on the way to the doggie doctor?

With my morning stalking complete, I put the car back on the road and continued on to work.

Peace and Love,

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