Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today has been particularly difficult for me. Its one of those days where tears form and I have no words to explain them. I had to force myself out of bed as the muscle spasms of being horizontal for too long won out over the need to lie prone and not face the day. I don't know where Boxing Day went, I woke up this morning and it was gone.

Once again, the blogosphere was there for me when I most needed something to help me look past myself. Is it a crutch?

I am trying to place my first order of supplies for my ostomies. I have a catalogue and a website. I am the purchasing agent where I work, it shouldn't be difficult. It seems to be Mt. Ranier at the moment. Not to worry, it will get done.

I am going to do some light housework now to set my mind to rights.

Hey, its not all gingerbread and gumdrops.


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Mona Maxwell said...

Well in the house I grew up in my Dad would say "You have a case of the can't help it's". Although, I am not sure the place you find yourself today would qualify because in your case, you have a reason for some tough days. I think the days you cry are the days that come after you grew a little and your soul and heart have to catch up to what your brain has allowed it's self to realize. Getting better is never linear, it really is a step forward and half a step back.