Thursday, April 11, 2013

They Grow Up Fast!

      This picture was taken in August of 2005. My little blue eyes was only four years old. I can remember how her little hands would feel on my neck. Little baby hands, the sweet smell of baby sweat and sunscreen in the summertime, tying little sneakers. Baby sweat and sunscreen is a particular favorite of mine. I would hug her up, close my eyes, and breathe in her childhood.

     She's going to be twelve this summer. She puts on makeup at home, and has gotten around the rules a couple times and worn some at school. She shares clothes and shoes with her 21 and 23 year old sisters. She has A's in school and one B. Don't dare ask her if the B is in math or science, that makes her indignant that one would assume it is math or science that would be her troubling subject.

   She is growing up and I am hanging on to those last few kid years. I've signed her up for two different girl scout camps this summer. One close by and the other on the coast. I keep telling myself, she's only 11, she's only 11. But she's only one inch shorter than me and can really take care of herself. She gets up in the morning before I do, because after all those years of having to threaten her to get her to bathe, she now gets up early and showers daily. There are some advantages to growing up.

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