Friday, May 6, 2011


My youngest daughter asked me, "Momma, have you ever been really ashamed of something you did?"
I didn't have to think very hard. I proceeded to tell her my most shameful moment.
I was fourteen or fifteen, too young to drive, and my aunt had volunteered me for a babysitting job. She had a friend who needed a night out, and she sang my praises. Told her friend how responsible I was, how she could go out and not worry.
When I got there, it wasn't exactly a babysitting job. The lady was caring for an elderly parent. A sick elderly parent, in a hospital bed. I was scared. I was not used to being around sick people, or old people, or sick old people. She assured me he would sleep and I didn't have to do anything but check on him. I was petrified. He fell out of the bed and I didn't know it because I never checked on him.
I felt so ashamed.

My youngest threw tartar sauce. : )

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