Thursday, October 21, 2010

15203 Days Old

So after all of that delving into my new feelings about Autumn, I came to an enlightening thought. It's not an idea that has never crossed my mind before, but its an idea that had a fresh new impact on me. Are you ready? It's going to blow you away. Here it is: Time is Linear.

I know, right? Mindblowing. Well, alright, we all know this. BUT...I was thinking how we are set up to believe that time is cyclical. If we don't get it accomplished today, there's always tomorrow. There's always next Monday, next Summer, next month, next year. But the truth is time is linear. We get today only once.

So today I am 15,203 days old. I am going to get the most out of today because I only have once chance to get it right. I am going to listen, learn, laugh. And I am going to grieve a little when it is over because I will never see today again.

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